Shelton school board member resigns citing health

SHELTON — The Board of Education will enter the new year in need of a new member. 

Joseph Pagliaro, Jr., elected to the board during the 2021 municipal election on the Republican ticket, has submitted his resignation to board Chair Kathy Yolish. His resignation is effective Jan. 1. 

In the letter, dated Dec. 13, Pagliaro wrote he was stepping aside due to “health reasons." He added it "was my pleasure serving the children of Shelton.” 

Pagliaro could not be reached for comment. 

“It is with great sadness I accept the resignation of Joseph Pagliaro,” Yolish said during the Board of Education meeting Tuesday. “You will be sadly missed. We wish you joy in the future.” 

Republican Town Committee Chair Anthony Simonetti said Republicans have 45 days from the date Pagliaro’s resignation takes effect to caucus and decide on a replacement. Simonetti would not comment on potential replacements. 

“We are thankful and grateful for his recent contributions to our municipality and for all his past assistance,” Simonetti said of Pagliaro. “He has been elected and appointed and served on many boards and commissions over the past 40 years, even before becoming a member of the (Shelton Republican Town Committee).” 

Simonetti praised Pagliaro for his dedication to the Republican Party. 

“(Pagliaro) has always provided sage, reasonable and measured advice to assist every organization he has been associated with,” Simonetti said. “He understands the mission of each entity and is a leader and person of action. He will be missed, but we are very certain that he will return to public service in the near future.”