Parrott Drive plan calls for 206 apartments

Shelton City Hall.

Shelton City Hall.

Autumn Driscoll / Autumn Driscoll

SHELTON — Developers have plans to add 206 apartments to 1 Parrott Drive.

Shelton Parrott Associates LLC, the listed developers, are seeking a Planned Development District for the eight-acre property that now hosts a 101,500-square-foot industrial building and adjacent parking lot.

The Planning and Zoning Commission at a virtual meeting Thursday accepted the application by a 5-1 vote, with commissioner Mark Widomski opposed. A public hearing will be set when the governor is able to ease restrictions in place because of the pandemic.

According to the application, the proposed residential development, titled Elevate at Shelton, will sit in the existing parking area and a portion of the existing industrial building after about 51,000 square feet — about a third of the building — would be demolished.

Plans call for two residential buildings to be built in the space. The new development would consist of 47,100 square feet of existing industrial space, 206 new residential apartments and 411 total parking spaces.

The development could be performed in phases, according to the application, and the property divided into separate parcels “provided reciprocal easements for access and utilities and maintenance agreements for the entire parcel are in place.”

The proposed site is off Parrott Drive northwest of Bridgeport Avenue.

In place of the demolished industrial space, two multilevel residential buildings would be built with footprints of approximately 26,500 and 34,000 square feet, respectively. The two buildings would each contain four levels above grade.

Parking spaces would be placed on existing and new surface parking and new below-grade parking beneath each of the proposed residential buildings would be added. The surface spaces would be shared between the residential and industrial land uses.

Site access is currently provided from Parrott Drive via the two existing driveways on the site at the far north and far south ends of the parcel. There is also a small loading dock on Parrott Drive between the two existing driveways, which would remain.

In the future, the south driveway would be relocated about 50 feet north of its current location. A third site driveway would be built roughly halfway between the two existing site driveways, about 50 feet south of the loading dock.

Milone and Macbroom, traffic experts hired by Shelton Parrott Associates, stated in a report filed with Planning and Zoning that “traffic operations will largely remain the same at the study intersections, and no traffic mitigation is necessary as part of this development.”