Perillo, McGorty, Ditria make House victories official

SHELTON — Election Day made official what had already been guaranteed for three incumbent House Republicans, all representing Valley communities. 

Jason Perillo earned his ninth consecutive term representing the 113th District, which covers only Shelton with 6,456 votes. Ben McGorty, in the 122nd District, won his fifth straight term, representing sections of Shelton, Stratford and Trumbull. In Shelton, McGorty earned 4,614 votes. Final numbers from the other communities were not yet released, and the Shelton numbers do not include absentee ballots. 

Nicole Klarides Ditria, will serve another term in the 105th District which covers portions of Beacon Falls, Derby and Seymour. Her vote totals were not finalized as of yet. 

"I'm excited to get back to work," said Klarides Ditria. "I am happy the people in my district once again put their faith in me. I have always gone into this wanting to make everyone's lives better, whatever the letter after a person's name. I am here to serve all my constituents."

Perillo — who listened to the Shelton results alongside McGorty and other Shelton Republicans at a party at Caloroso Eatery and Bar Tuesday night — said his focus remains on delivering for Shelton, whether it is bond money or legislation related to downtown redevelopment.

"The fact that Shelton has gone Republican to the degree that it has is a reflection of the work we do locally," Perillo said. "I think the state would be better off it followed a lot more of what Shelton does and took those policies that are very pro-business and also pro-employee. If the state took that more seriously, we'd be a in a better place right now."

Perillo, 45, a Republican, was seeking his ninth consecutive term. A former volunteer chief of Shelton’s Echo Hose Ambulance, who was first elected in 2007, Perillo easily won reelection in 2020, earning 64 percent of the vote — a greater percentage of votes than any other candidate on the ballot in Shelton.    

"I love what I do. I love that there are victories every day. Maybe it's $5 million in bond money. Maybe it's helping someone get their unemployment. Each of those of things are victories. They really do matter," Perillo said. "I am going to keep doing this until I don't enjoy it anymore."

McGorty, a Shelton resident for more than three decades, was first elected in a special election on July 22, 2014, and has gone on to win elections in 2016, 2018 and 2020. In the legislature, McGorty is the co-chair of the bipartisan Fire and EMS caucus. McGorty is a member of the Environment, Judiciary and Transportation committees.

"I have work that is not finished," McGorty said. "Republicans are in the minority, and we have to keep fighting, keep moving ahead because there are people that need representation."