Perillo ranking member of Executive & Legislative Nominations Committee

State Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113) will take on a new role in the upcoming legislative session, which begins on Jan. 9. Perillo will serve as the ranking member (leading Republican) of the Executive & Legislative Nominations Committee.

The Executive & Legislative Nominations Committee oversees the nominations of commissioners, the governor’s budget director, workers’ compensation commissioners and hundreds of appointed positions in state government. Every commissioner from the state Department of Motor Vehicles to the state Department of Transportation will have to come before Perillo’s committee to interview for their position.

“We have a new governor with new priorities,” said Perillo. “Those priorities and the bureaucrats he’s appointing to make them happen must be vetted aggressively. This is not a time for softball questions and mutual pats on the back.

“We need to make sure we have qualified individuals running state departments,” added Perillo. “I will work with my colleagues on the committee to ask tough questions on behalf of the taxpayers to ensure that the commissioners that will fill very important roles will be equipped to handle the job.”

In addition, Perillo will serve on the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee and the Government Administration & Elections Committee.