Perillo votes against Democrats budget plan

State Rep. Jason Perillo voted Wednesday, May 1, against a Democrat-backed tax package that will increase taxes by $2 billion over the next two years.

Perillo said the majority party tax package and budget proposal will continue to hurt Connecticut's economy and punish taxpayers.
"Our state can barely get back to where we were before the 2008 recession," said Perillo. "For the past decade the Democrats only solution to fixing our economy is to spend and tax more — this hasn't worked. Connecticut residents and businesses, especially our mom-and-pop stores in downtown Shelton, will have to pay more to continue to see less and less of their tax money back from Hartford."
Perillo said that the budget not only taxes more grocery items but also implements a .5 cent payroll tax on every Connecticut resident and businesses will have to pay $15 minimum wage.
"I have asked residents and business owners if they want to pay a payroll tax for a Paid Family Leave program and pay $15 minimum wage, and the answer is overwhelming 'no,'" added Perillo. "Democrats need to go back to the drawing board because this budget proposal is an insult to taxpayers."
Earlier this session, Gov. Ned Lamont proposed a budget that paved the way for the legislative Democrat budget. Even though the governor's budget and the legislative Democrat's budget differs on a few proposals, Perillo said this budget proposal keeps tax and spend policies alive and shifs the teacher pensions onto municipalities.