Plan for the use of Crabtree dealership raises concerns among residents

The Planning & Zoning Commission held a public meeting Tuesday, where attorney Dominick Thomas Jr. shared a rough plan for the use of the old Crabtree car dealership at 405 Bridgeport Avenue.

Thomas' proposal for a shopping center included a few stores, but revolved around the construction of a supermarket which would also feature a gas station.

Multiple residents who attended the meeting said they were informed that the new store would in fact be a Big Y Class Market, but no one on the board would confirm or deny that information.

Residents Concerned

Residents that live in the Buddington Road area brought up the possibility of noise pollution and the worsening of an already frustrating traffic situation.

“We have four kids who go to sleep at 8:30, what are they supposed to do, not sleep?” said Carlos Gonzalez, who lives on Buddington Road, behind where the construction would take place. “I’m also assuming that our property value would go down. They should just occupy the abandoned Mobil station a block away.”

Gonzalez expressed that he feels the plan doesn’t have the community’s best interest at heart and they are more focused on accumulating revenue.

Multiple residents in the meeting questioned whether or not the city even needs another supermarket and also if the property was safe to put a gas station in because of the limited exits and entrances in case of an emergency.

Bruce Skull resident of Shelton said he was concerned with the possibility of the supermarket failing and leaving behind yet another vacant gas station.

Thomas’ address

After giving the residents a chance to voice their opinion on the upcoming  plan, Thomas addressed some of their concerns.

He said trees will be planted behind the property to reduce noise pollution and the visibility of the gas station for residents.

Thomas also told the residents that the supermarket, whose brand is currently not being disclosed, has experience with this type of store that includes a gas station as a part of its model. He referred to the sale of gasoline as the “staple” of supermarkets.

This is not Thomas’ first gas station/supermarket project and he said he is not worried about the supermarket failing because of the location of the site being on Bridgeport Avenue.

He said the final proposal should be done within the next few months.

Final ruling of plan

Shelton Fire Marshal James Tortora said he has yet to see or approve any plans for the use of the property and no actions regarding Thomas’ proposal will be taken until that happens.