Police cite seven Shelton stores for selling tobacco, e-cigs to minor

Shelton Police

Shelton Police

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SHELTON — Seven local retailers were cited for selling tobacco or electronic cigarettes to a minor, according to police.

Shelton Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said local police, with assistance from the State Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services Tobacco Prevention & Enforcement Program, conducted unannounced compliance inspections at 17 locations in the city on April 29.

Kozlowsky said seven retailers were found to be “non-compliant” and the offending clerks were issued a $300 infraction ticket.

The seven retailers are Shelton Smoker, 500 Howe Ave., Howe Market & Deli, 464 Howe Ave., Valero, 276 Howe Ave., Puff City, 405 River Road, Super Saver Spirits, 864 Bridgeport Ave., Shelton Smoke City, 719 Bridgeport Ave., and Smoke World, 350 Bridgeport Ave.

Representatives of Valero, Smoke World, Howe Market & Deli, Shelton Smoke City and Shelton Smoker declined to comment on the citations. Puff City and Super Saver Spirits did not return messages seeking comment.

Kozlowsky said these non-compliant inspection results also have been referred to the State Department of Revenue Services for possible administrative action.

Police said the other 10 retailers found to be in compliance with regulations were Cleto’s Wine & Spirits, 402 Howe Ave., Howe Liquor Mart, 61 Howe Ave., Walgreens, 700 Bridgeport Ave., JD’s Wine & Spirits, 781 River Road, Wheels, 18 Old Stratford Road, Cumberland Farms, 464 River Road, White Hills Wine & Spirits, 206 Leavenworth Road, Citgo, 442 River Road, Adro Liquor Store, 443 River Road, and Citgo, 198 Leavenworth Road.