Pond in Shelton's Pine Rock will get another new aerator

The city will spend $2,000 for a new aerator for a small pond in Pine Rock Park, but some city officials worry the pond will continue to deteriorate and require more new aerators in the future.

An aerator is a pump device resembling a fountain that adds oxygen to a water body as a way to improve the quality of the water. It can prevent algae from building up.

The Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the expenditure from the Pine Rock Park Improvement Fund, which was established with funds from the Connecticut Recovery Resources Authority due to the environmental impact of a former nearby landfill.

The pond is in a park with a playground and lawn area near Long Hill Avenue, Algonkin Road and Mohawk Trail.

Devices keep 'burning out'

Aldermanic President John F. Anglace Jr., whose Third Ward includes the neighborhood, said this will be the third or fourth aerator needed for the pond because the devices keep “burning out” due to clogging from silt and other debris.

The source of the unwanted material likely is runoff from nearby roads, Anglace said.

“It shows you how much debris is in the pond,” he said. “The pond is nothing but garbage.”

In the future

Anglace said a neighborhood association has voted to keep the pond operational, and while the area’s two aldermen “respect” that decision, the issue will need to be addressed again in the future.

“We’ll do it [keep replacing aerators] until the people agree we need to fill in that pond,” he said at a recent aldermanic meeting.

“Every year we go through the same old thing,” Anglace said later.

Some nearby residents agree with his view that the time may have come to fill in the water body, he said.

Reclaim the land?

Anglace said having an engineer come up with a plan to fill in the pond would make the most sense. “We could reclaim that land and use it for the kids,” he said.

“Now, as a pond, you don’t swim or skate in it,” Anglace said. “It’s a mosquito generator and an eyesore.”