SHELTON - Coronavirus has cancelled the annual Derby-Shelton Memorial Day parade, but that is not stopping one local organization from honoring those sacrificed their lives for the country.

The Shelton Republican Town Committee will be holding a pop-up parade today, beginning at 11:30 a.m. RTC Chair Anthony Simonetti will be joined by fellow RTC member Virginia Harger in driving a decorated pickup, loaned out by A.J. Monaco of AJ’s Automotive Services, through Shelton neighborhood.

The pair will be broadcasting traditional marching music through the efforts of Jay Francino-Quinn who is supplying audio equipment.

"We are extending an invitation to anyone who would like to participate to meet us with your vehicle at our starting point, the White Hills Shopping Center at 11:15 a.m.,” said Simonetti. “You are welcome to decorate your vehicle, and it is up to you to decide how long you would like to stay with us. Please remember to bring along a mask and to practice social distancing.”

Those who would like to receive a text message to learn of their location to join in further along the route or when you can come out to give us a wave, send a text message to 203-727-0421 and include the name of your neighborhood.

The parade will start in the Upper and Lower White Hills area. Here is the route:

Wabuda, Sachem, Village, E. Village, Hickory, Astor, Far Horizons, Nutmeg, Chaucer, Ridgefield, E. Village, Rugby, Shagbark, Fox Hunt, Poe, Longfellow, Webster, Dickinson, Little Fox, Okenuck, Boulder, Princess Wenonah, Rodia Ridge, Thoreau, Whittier, Longfellow, Dickinson, Meghan, Vista, E. Village, Revere, Beardsley, Nicholdale, Leavenworth, Maple, Constitution, Old Dairy, Hayfield, Maple, Ledgewood, Rock Ridge, Maple to:

Upper Huntington area - Soundview, Birdseye Road Ext., Saw Mill City, Walnut Tree Hill, Fairlane, Short, North, Eagle, Timberlane, Heather Hill, Eagle, North, Greenacre, Winchester, Olin, Thompson, Philip, Kathleen, Princeton, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Mohegan, Wigwam, Reiner, Ballaro, Thompson, Booth Hill, Mohegan, Waverly to:

Middle Huntington area - Far Mill, Winthrop Woods, Mohegan, Walnut Tree Hill, Christine, Brentley, Valley, Walnut Tree Hill, Waverly, Adams, Isinglass, Walnut Tree Hill, Elizabeth, Linda, Nichols, Cardinal, Robin, Autumn ridge, Cali, Patricia, Tower, Capitol, Rolling Ridge, Gene, Buttercup, Lady Slipper, Bonnie Brook, September, October, Canfield, Nichols, Kazo, Isinglass, Nichols, Bayberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Huntington, Buddington, Mill to:

Long Hill Avenue area - Bridgeport Avenue, Long Hill Crossroad, Long Hill Avenue, Laurelwood, Lynn, Soundcrest, Stowe, Long Hill Avenue, David, Long Hill Avenue, Sanford, Long Hill Avenue, Broc, Keron, Sharon Court, Sharon Drive, Rocky Rest to:

River Road area - River Road, Belmont, Coram, Constitution Blvd. to;

Coram Gardens area - Plaskon, Coram, Newport, Manton, Pawtucket, Westminster, Coram, Grove, Richard Blvd., Belmont, River Road to:

“City Hall” and downtown areas - Myrtle, Long Hill Avenue, High, Division, Maltby, Prospect, Hill, Coram, Center, White, Coram, Shelton Avenue to:

Huntington Center and adjacent areas - Church, Nichols, Waverly, Belle, Willard, Belle, Waverly, Cloverdale, Rosedale, Lily, Overlook, Florence, Ripton, Deerfield, Walnut Tree Hill, Meadowlark, Ripton, Dogwood, Poplar, Applewood, Walnut Tree Hill, Suren, Poplar, Chamberlain, Crestwood, Tuckahoe, Woodfield, Cedarwood, Tuckahoe, Park, Soundview, Dexter, Astoria, Commodore, Willoughby to:

Upper and lower Meadow Street areas - Soundview, Meadow, Woodsend, Meadowridge, Driftwood, Meadow, N. Meadowridge, Meadowridge, Hilltop, Meadow, Sinsabaugh Heights, Ten Coat, Little Fawn, Bear Path, Deer Run, Little Fawn, Cribbins, William, Wheeler, Riverview, Geissler, Fort Hill, West, New, Howe to AJ’s Automotive Service.