Post-Thanksgiving Hike

On Sunday, Nov. 29 1 P.M. the Trails Committee will meet at the Shelton Intermediate School parking lot on Constitution Blvd North.

All are welcome. Join the committee on a romp over the diverse Turkey Trot Trail. Dress for the weather. Good shoes are a must, and gloves aren't a bad idea if it gets chilly.

This should take no longer than 2 hours of your afternoon, so please, leave the couch and TV behind and join the committee for a chance to check out one of our many trails if you haven't already, enjoy the great outdoors, and meet up with some fun people.

This is a trail, not a paved path. No strollers, please. Be prepared for some moderate to steep inclines, though most of the trail is fairly level. That's why good footwear is important.