President issues disaster declaration for blizzard; Shelton tab now $580,000

President Barack Obama has approved Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s request for a major disaster declaration for federal aid in connection with the historic February blizzard that dropped about three feet of snow in Shelton.

This federal aid will provide financial assistance to Connecticut municipalities and state agencies to help pay for costs incurred during the storm, such as snow removal and other storm-related expenses. The eligible snow assistance time period has been approved for 48 hours for Fairfield County. Other parts of the state are covered for 48- or 72-hour periods. Malloy plans to appeal the 48-hour limit.

Shelton’s tab for snow removal

Mayor Mark Lauretti said the final bill for the city to clean up after the Feb. 8 and 9 snowstorm should be about $580,000. The Board of Aldermen recently approved a $400,000 allocation to pay outside contractors for their assistance in Shelton after the blizzard.

The $580,000 figure used by Lauretti includes the cost of paying city employees, outside contractors and other related expenses, he said.

Malloy: Continued federal support appreciated

Malloy said the federal declaration should provide some financial assistance to the state and municipalities. “I would like to thank President Obama for his continued support during the devastating storms Connecticut has encountered,” he said. “Time and again, the president has shown that the federal government is a real partner in getting life back to normal after an extreme weather event.”