Primary Day: How many registered voters are there in CT?

With Primary Day having arrived on Tuesday, Aug. 12, there are many more Democrats in the state than Republicans.

According to the Secretary of the State’s office, Connecticut has 705,403 registered Democrats and 401,374 registered Republicans.

Unaffiliated voters — those preferring not to register with any organized party — outnumber either of the two major parties, at 801,407.

Overall, there are 1,927,115 voters registered to vote in Connecticut as of Aug. 11.

Minor parties

What’s the largest minor political party in the state?

That would be the Independent Party with 15,157 registered members.

In Connecticut, the Independent Party often cross-endorses Republican candidates, serving the same role as the Working Families Party does for the Democrats.

The fourth and fifth biggest parties in Connecticut are Libertarian, with 1,654 registered voters, and the Green Party, with 1,636 registered members.

Other party names people might recognize from the past include Reform (Ross Perot for president), 12 members, and A Connecticut Party (Lowell P. Weicker Jr. for governor), 1 member. It’s unclear if Weicker might be the one person in the state registered in A Connecticut Party, which he had formed in 1990 to run for governor as a third-party candidate.

The complete list

Below is a list of all registered voters by party in Connecticut:

Unaffiliated, 801,407

Democratic, 705,403

Republican, 401,374

Independent, 15,157

Libertarian, 1,654

Green, 1,636

Working Families, 271

We The People, 45

Winsted Independent, 37

A Sentinel Party, 23

Friends of Saybrook, 13

Independence, 12

Reform, 12

Chatham Party, 10

Independence For Montville, 8

Open, 8

Spring Glen Party, 8

Milford Independent Party, 6

U-It, 6

Realistic Balance, 4

A Brookfield Party, 3

A Better Future, 2

Canterbury First, 2

Enfield Taxpayers Party, 2

Pro-Bethel, 2

A Connecticut Party, 1

Guilty, 1

Independent Choice, 1

Norwich for Change, 1

Simsbury Citizens First, 1

South Windsor Citizens, 1

Swing, 1

The Hampton Party, 1

U/I, 1

Unaffiliated (Conservative), 1

TOTAL, 1,927,115