Longtime florist staying in Langanke's Landing plan

Plans have been filed with the Planning & Zoning Commission for redevelopment of 1055 Bridgeport Ave., present home of Langanke's Florist and Greenhouses. Above is a rendering of the plan.

Plans have been filed with the Planning & Zoning Commission for redevelopment of 1055 Bridgeport Ave., present home of Langanke’s Florist and Greenhouses. Above is a rendering of the plan.

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SHELTON — The Langanke’s Landing proposal for 1055 Bridgeport Ave. may bring with it a gas station and office buildings, but the florist that has long occupied the site is not going anywhere.

Langanke’s Florist and Greenhouses owners stated that while the plans, if approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, would remove the present structures — long a fixture along Bridgeport Avenue — the florist business itself would remain on a smaller scale in one of the buildings to be constructed.

“My parents and I have been discussing making changes on the property for quite some time,” wrote Mark Rempfer, third generation owner at Langanke’s Florist, in a letter supporting the proposal.

“After considering our options in this changing industry, we’ve decided to sell the property,” he wrote. “Within this plan it gives me the opportunity to continue our long-standing business.”

Rempfer stated that his parents have owned the florist business and greenhouses for more than 65 years. His mother has lived on the property since she was a young girl, he said.

“I feel that our property is a great location and perfect fit for a service station,” added Rempfer. “With the additional proposed retail space, it gives me the opportunity to continue our family business and continue to serve our community and all our faithful customers.”

Langanke’s Landing LLC’s request for a Planned Development District approval for ther 1.73-acre site at 1055 Bridgeport Ave. was the focus of the commission’s first public hearing since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the state.

Some commissioners were physically present in the auditorium at City Hall, others on the phone. Attorney Dominick Thomas, representing the Langanke’s LLC was also present.

The public hearing was continued so people can email comments to the commission at a.castro@cityofshelton.org. Comments must be submitted at least 24 hours before the next hearing date. The application, and all submitted documents, can be read here.

Plans call for removal of the florist and greenhouse structures and construction of a 4,400 square-foot convenience market and gas station with 10 fueling positions and two 3,100-square-foot buildings that could house either retail or office uses. There would be 45 on-site parking spaces. The application states that sale of the property is contingent on land use approvals.

“The Planned Development District is consistent with the Shelton Plan of Development in that it shall permit the premises to be developed in a manner which will be beneficial to and consistent with the other uses along this area of Bridgeport Avenue,” according to the PDD statement of uses and standards application submitted by Langanke LLC.

The site is bounded by Bridgeport Avenue to the south, Huntington Street and Isinglass Road to the north and commercial developments to the east and west. The new structures, as proposed, would be accessed by two driveways on Bridgeport Avenue and one driveway on Huntington Street, in the approximate location of the existing driveways.

According to the application, the proposed driveways will have a single entering lane and have stop sign control on the driveway exiting approaches.

Tighe and Bond, the engineering firm representing Langanke LLC stated in its report that the additional traffic expected to be generated by the proposed Langanke’s Landing development is not expected to have a significant impact to traffic operations within the study area.

There were two other letters of support for the plan read into the record.

Dan Martin of Squire Lane said he would “love the convenience of the gas station, florist and other businesses there that are proposed.”

Martin added that the area would benefit from the new look and encourage more business while reducing congestion on Bridgeport Avenue.

Al daSilva also voice his support, saying the project as proposed would fill a need at the intersection of Route 8’s Exit 11 and Bridgeport Avenue.

If approved, developers state, the project is expected to be completed in 2021.