Railway crossing on Wooster Street remains in limbo

Mayor Mark Lauretti
Mayor Mark Lauretti

Mayor Mark Lauretti recently met with the state transportation commissioner on the closed Wooster Street railroad crossing, which connects Howe Avenue and Canal Street in downtown Shelton.

The city and railroad company have been bickering about what needs to be done to reopen the crossing.

Lauretti said the crossing was closed so it could be upgraded to help Canal Street development, “then the railroad stepped in and started giving us a hard time, saying we needed to replace a certain linear amount of their track,” which could cost the city up to $1 million.

He would like to see it open again, but another option would be for the city to abandon the road at the crossing.

No matter what, a cul-de-sac (turnaround) likely will be built on Canal Street at Wooster Street to accommodate trucks and large emergency vehicles, when the Canal Street road rebuilding program continues farther north, Lauretti said.