Shelton schools need roof, windows replaced

SHELTON — Renovations at Long Hill School and Mohegan School appear to be on the horizon. 

The Board of Aldermen, at its meeting Thursday, voted to appoint a Public Improvement Building Committee — a move designed to target long planned work at both the elementary schools. 

This move comes only a few weeks after the Board of Education directed Superintendent Ken Saranich to ask Mayor Mark Lauretti and the aldermen to form this committee. 

Saranich said the two projects would be window replacement at Long Hill School and new roof at Mohegan School. 

“This would help start this process,” Saranich said about the request that the city form this committee. 

John Calhoun, the school facilities director for the past seven years, said the Mohegan School roof is around 28 years old. He said it was “definitely time" to replace it.

“We have not had a lot of leaks there in my short time, but each leak was repaired quickly so as to not cause any air quality issues," Calhoun said.

Calhoun said this work is estimated at nearly $3 million, but “that can fluctuate greatly depending on the cost of materials and labor at the time of installation, as well as design specifications.” 

As far as the windows at Long Hill Elementary are concerned, Calhoun said there are approximately 236 old-style window units that may be replaced. 

“We have more windows in that building, but those are newer as they were installed in the last renovation,” Calhoun said. “They most likely will not be included in this replacement project.” 

He said this project will be like the work done two years ago at Elizabeth Shelton Elementary School. 

Estimates for the work stand at between $900,000 and $1 million, but those costs could change depending on costs at the time of installation.