Reps. Perillo and McGorty ‘adopt’ Indian Well State Park in Shelton

State Reps. Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty have adopted Indian Well State Park in Shelton, adding themselves to a list of legislators who have adopted state parks and forests.

The nonprofit Connecticut Forest & Park Association and all-volunteer Friends of Connecticut State Parks held a recent event at the Legislative Office Building to explain the pre-requisites for park adoption.

These include visiting or contacting the park to understand its needs; working with an existing “Friends of” group or state environmental official to launch an annual event (walk, cleanup, etc.); and advocating for the needs of the park and overall state park system.

“Indian Well State Park is a tremendous recreational resource to the residents of Shelton,” Perillo said. “With warmer weather on the horizon, we are all looking forward to the opportunity to hike, boat, fish and picnic there.”

“Everyone in Shelton appreciates the outdoor recreation that Indian Well State Park offers,” said McGorty, describing it as “a tremendous resource we have right in our own back yard.”

According to a UConn study, state parks generate $6 million a year through admissions and other fees, and provide over $1 billion and 9,000 jobs to Connecticut’s economy each year. They also can increase nearby property values.