Resident will walk around Shelton on Sunday to highlight U.S. freedom

I am a Huntington resident and, due especially to recent events, a concerned citizen of our United States of America. The world is so beautiful and magnificent and the freedoms our forefathers and soldiers have fought for are the envy of the world.

I may be young but I can honestly say that the nation I live in is no longer the nation that I grew up in. I have watched as increases in stress and confusion have made many people arrogant and callous.

Technology has pluses and minuses

I see how technology has greatly helped my generation as we are honestly living in an amazing world, with so much of the world and family at our fingertips.

The negative aspect of our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts is that many no longer have the courage to speak in public. What one says among friends can become muted when one has an opportunity to share opinions in public forums.

My generation is full of energy to have an opinion and participate, yet many do not share what they want due to fear.

A fiscal and moral collapse

My generation will have to bear the most of the fiscally and morally collapsing nation we live in. We are losing our rights and freedoms, are straddled with national and state debts as well as international conflicts we cannot afford to be involved in, and still we have no positive outlook on our personal wealth security, e.g., Cyprus.

The worst component is that many are afraid. I believe I could paraphrase Thomas Jefferson by saying when the people live in fear, there is tyranny.

Thus I am inspired by 1960s civil rights activist James Meredith and will have my own Walk Against Fear.

Walk from Huntington Center to City Hall

On Sunday, April 28 at 11 a.m., I am going to walk with an American flag in my hand from the Huntington Community Center around the graves of the Revolutionary War soldiers in the St. Paul Cemetery, who fought for us to live free, and then continue on to City Hall.

I will walk peacefully and respectfully, determined to complete this walk as way to express my rights and freedoms as an American citizen.

I would like to wake up some confidence and encourage the individuals referred to as Millennials and Generation Y to no longer be afraid to stand up, speak up and, more importantly, not curb your freedoms due to fear.

Say what you think

I would be honored for any American citizens or residents of all generations to greet me if you have any strong political beliefs, a want to express yourself, want to exercise your constitutionally reaffirmed rights, or are no longer afraid to say what you want.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

I love my country and what it stands for; I will continue our way of life.

J.P. Keleman III is a Shelton resident.