Residents come together to clear their neighborhoods

In a great display of Yankee ingenuity and perhaps a bit of cabin fever, some residents plowed their own roads.

When it became clear that it was going to take a while for the city to get all roads in Shelton plowed, many residents began working to clear their own roads.

Several residents report that neighborhoods came out with shovels and snow blowers to clear a path for travel, following Friday and Saturday's blizzard.

Other than helping to clear their own roads, neighbors helped each other in other ways, as was the case on Harvard Avenue.

Vincent Cilletti, 84, is receiving dialysis five times a week and had an appointment Monday at 6 a.m. He lives on Harvard Avenue, a dead-end road that wasn’t plowed by Monday morning. His neighbors Linda and Ronald Rogg made calls to emergency services to help get the road plowed, but a plow was unable to reach the neighborhood because the plows couldn’t get up a hill, according to Heather Demers, the daughter of Linda and Ronals Rogg.

“After several hours of promises that a plow would be there, neighbors took matters into their own hands,” Demers wrote. “Cilletti was located at the bottom of the dead-end street — the top had been partially cleared out with a neighbor’s backhoe. The neighbors got Cilletti all geared up and trucked this 84-year-old man through three feet of snow to get to another neighbor’s truck. He then was brought to the hospital to treatment.”