Residents may still be stuck for a while, mayor says

Sunday, 1:45 p.m. — The city has hired private contractors with bucket loaders and payloaders, Police Chief Joel Hurliman said and many are out clearing roads. Major roads should be open by tonight.

Sunday, 11 a.m. — Unfortunately people may not see that plow come through any time soon, according to Mayor Mark Lauretti Sunday morning.

“I wish I had better news but it’s going to be some time,” Lauretti said.

The roughly three feet of snow that fell in Shelton has proved too much for city plow vehicles.

“Our plows are not pushing the snow, they are getting stuck,” Lauretti said.

The city has had to get bigger machines from private companies. A lot of those companies have obligations to fill already so it’s been a slow process, the mayor said.

"Guys are working hour after hour," Lauretti said. "They are tired and they have a big job in front of them."

The mayor said about 16 snow removal vehicles are our today with some 20 trucks.

“I’m reluctant to give an estimate of time,” the mayor said of when streets will be done. “There is a lot of uncertainty and every road has to be done with a machine — it’s a slow process.”

The mayor said it’s not just Shelton that doesn’t have the right equipment for such a large amount of snow, other towns are experiencing similar problems.

“This is the worst snowfall in our history probably,” Lauretti said. “The state didn’t even have main roads up until late last night.”