Littlefield replaces Rossner on Dem November ticket

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Paul Littlefield

Paul Littlefield

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A Democrat will be vying for a seat in the Board of Aldermen’s First Ward, it just will not be who the local Democratic Town Committee had originally chosen.

Paul Littlefield, who became active campaigning for Democratic candidates during the last local election, will now be running against Republican incumbents Anthony Simonetti and Dave Gidwani in the First Ward come the November election.

Littlefield replaces DTC-endorsed Lorraine Rossner, who, according to DTC Chair Dave Gioiello, stepped aside only recently after stating she did not feel prepared to take on that responsibility at this time, only weeks after retiring as Shelton assistant school superintendent.

“Losing Lorraine hurts,” said Gioiello. “The First Ward has always been a problem for (Shelton Democrats), but Paul has been working hard, knocking on doors, getting our message out. He is out there making contacts with residents.”

For local Democrats, Gioiello said the benefit of having Rossner was the name recognition she brought with her after just coming off of serving within the school district for four decades, the last several years as assistant superintendent.

Littlefield said his focus remains on properly funding the school budget — which, he says, is important not only to improve property values but also supporting the city’s children — and encouraging better communication between the Board of Aldermen and the Board of Education, a relationship which has been contentious at best.

“I do not see what the school spends on as wasting money ... most of the money is spent on employee salaries — the teachers we need,” said Littlefield. “If we can use the city budget more efficiently, we could use that extra money to help the Board of Education without skimping on the students.”

Littlefield said that making the city budget process, including the numbers in each account, more transparent is another focus of his campaign. That, and being part of creating a vision for the city, is what Littlefield said he talked about with residents as he walks door to door each weekend.

A two-year resident of Shelton who grew up in Trumbull, Littlefield is the organist at St. Paul's Church in Huntington.