SEE POSSIBLE PLAN: What would the retail center at Shelton’s Crabtree site look like?

Above is a possible site plan for a retail shopping center at the former Crabtree auto dealership property on Bridgeport Avenue, near Nells Rock and Buddington roads.

This possible plan recently was shown to the Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission by representatives of the Blakeman family, owners of the 12.5-acre parcel.

In general, the new idea is to have a large building on the southern side, toward Wal-Mart, and a group of stand-alone smaller buildings, mostly on the northern side near Nells Rock Road. The main tenant in the large building would be a supermarket.

In this possible site plan above, Bridgeport Avenue is on the bottom, Nells Rock Road on the right, and Buddington Road at the top (Wal-Mart would be to the left). The orange building in the lower right corner (not part of the Crabtree property) is the existing office building that includes a Webster Bank branch.

Specifics are still evolving

The developer has said the specific plan still is evolving, and various project scenarios may be presented to the Shelton Planning and Zoning Commission before seeking final site plan approval (P&Z).

The P&Z has approved a Planned Development District for the parcel, but a required, more specific development site plan still is being finalized and also will require P&Z approval.

Demolition of the existing buildings on the property has started, as shown in these other photos taken late Tuesday. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

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