SHELTON FIRE: Surviving storefronts boarded up for now

Pete Cameron of Cameron Construction, above, on Wednesday installs plywood to the front of the remaining storefronts in the city block of downtown Shelton that was largely destroyed by the Jan. 6 fire. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The building is being boarded up at the request of officials from state marshal’s office, who have been on-site to help with the investigation of what started the massive blaze.

Cameron, a Shelton resident, has handled maintenance responsibilities at the structures in the block for about two decades for the Matto family, which owns the property.

The late-night fire destroyed a four-story building and some related structures that included 24 residential apartments, office space and retail stores. Almost 30 people had to flee from the fire, with some of them rescued by firefighters.

The impacted block is on Howe Avenue between Center Street and Bridge Street/Viaduct Square, with a few one-story storefronts near Center Street surviving — including Liquid Lunch and the Joy Lee Chinese Restaurant.

It’s uncertain if these storefronts will have to be demolished eventually due to damage from the fire.