SHELTON POLICE ADVICE: How best to keep a bear away from your property

The Shelton Police Department has offered the following advice for residents to minimize the possibility of attracting a bear to their property:

Residents should always take certain precautions in order to lessen the degree of black bear activity occurring within their neighborhoods, such as:

— securing trash containers and placing them curbside as close to pickup time as possible.

— washing or spraying trash containers with a disinfectant in order to eliminate food odors.

— removing bird feeders.

— if household pets are fed outdoors, removing the bowls and food soon after feeding.

A black bear was observed in multiple locations on Thursday in Shelton. with the last reported sighting being around 8 p.m. near Old Stratford Road, Bridgeport Avenue and Route 8.

Click below to see a photo taken of the bear on Wesley Drive in Shelton on Thursday morning: