SHELTON STORM UPDATE: Plows make progress, asphalt is seen again!

Shelton drivers brave or foolish enough to venture out this afternoon began to see something they hadn’t seen in about 24 hours — blacktop, and open stores.

That’s right, things are beginning to get somewhat back to normal after a major snowstorm dropped from 8 to 10 inches of snow in the city on late Monday and early Tuesday.

There was supposed to be a lot more here, of course, but talk to the people in eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts about that — where those 2 to 3 feet predictions are coming true.

Clearing the roads

Tuesday afternoon provided time for city and state plows to begin to make progress — and that’s exactly what they have done, as about 8:30 p.m. Roads are passable, and main roads — such as Bridgeport Avenue and Route 110 — are showing some or a lot of asphalt.

There are still piles of snow in many places, partly due to the fact the city had experienced a less severe snowstorm a few days later. As they say, you have to put it somewhere.

Private contractors, shovelers and snow-blowers were out in force late this afternoon, digging out all around town.

Establishments are opening

Stores, gas stations, restaurants and bars throughout Shelton are opening again — not all, but some.

Wednesday should be a normal day, with perhaps a bit of a messy morning commute due to black ice, large snow piles on the road sides, and the remaining snow still very much present in most secondary roads.

This wasn’t one for the record books, that’s for sure, but it was an afternoon followed by a day when most people didn’t have to go to work. A positive thought for those who call themselves “employees,” at least.