SHELTON WEATHER: Flurries picking up in intensity

As of noon on Thursday, the flurries that began in the late morning in Shelton appear to be intensifying.

It’s 22 degrees in Shelton, and the flurries could continue until about 2 p.m., according to the National Weather Service (NWS). No significant accumulation is expected.

The cold weather is here to stay for the next few days, although snow isn’t expected again until Sunday evening.

Day by day forecast

Here is the NWS forecast for Shelton:

Thursday night:  Overnight low of 11 degrees.

Friday:  Partly sunny, with a daytime high near 24 and nighttime low of 6.

Saturday:  Sunny, with a high near 21 and overnight low of 7.

Sunday:  Partly sunny, with a high near 31. Snow likely at night, with a low around 23.

Monday:  A chance of snow, with a high near 38.