SHELTON WEATHER: Severe cold moving in

The rain should come to end before midnight tonight in Shelton, but then mid-winter-type temperatures will move into the region for the next few days.

Tonight’s low should be around 28 degrees, followed by a daytime high of 32 and sunny skies on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The overnight low Tuesday into Wednesday could drop to a bond-chilling 16 degrees in Shelton, the NWS said.

On Wednesday, expect increasingly cloudy skies with a daytime high of around 31 degrees. The nighttime low will be near 28.

Think warm for Sunday

The NWS forecast for Shelton continues with:

Thursday:  Mostly sunny with a high of 43 and nighttime low of 24.

Friday:  Mostly sunny with a high of 36 and overnight low of 23.

Saturday:  Sunny with a high near 38 and nighttime low of 29.

Temperatures will warm up again on Sunday, the NWS said, with a possible high near 50 degrees.