SHELTON WEATHER: Storms coming, will stay around for a few days

Thunderstorms and showers are possible this afternoon and tonight in Shelton, and likely on Monday and Tuesday.

In fact, the beginning of the week should be downright unpleasant.

According to National Weather Service (NWS), Sunday should be cloudy with some sun possible in Shelton. It will be windy, with sustained winds up to 15 mph. Wet weather could arrive after 3 p.m. The high will be near 81, with increased humidity than compared to the past few days. The overnight low will be around 70.

The NWS forecast for upcoming days:

Monday:  Thunderstorms and showers likely, with heavy rain possible, mainly after 12 noon and into the night. More than an inch of rain likely. A daytime high near 80 and a nighttime low of 69.

Tuesday:  Thunderstorm and showers likely, mainly in the afternoon and evening. A daytime high around 84 and an overnight low of 66.

Wednesday:  Rain continues in morning, then becomes sunny in the afternoon. A daytime high near 79 and a nighttime low around 61.