SHELTON WEATHER: Sunny but surprisingly windy

The high should reach 51 degrees on Wednesday in Shelton, helped by mostly sunny skies.

But for anyone who has been outside, it’s the wind that is a negative factor today. It’s been persistent throughout the morning and early afternoon, and can make it seem almost cold when outdoors.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is only predicting winds of up to 9 mph today in Shelton, but that may be underestimating what is occurring. Rhe winds are supposed to be even calmer tonight, so perhaps the worst of the windy weather is over for the day.

Warmer on Thursday

The temperature outlook is good for the coming days, with the thermometer getting closer to 60 degrees and few below-freezing nights on tap in Shelton, according to the NWS.

But expect rain on Friday, Friday night and possible Saturday morning, with an additional chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday, the NWS said.

Easter Sunday should be sunny with a high of around 48 degrees.