SHELTON WEATHER: Up to 2 inches of snow possible Tuesday morning

Snow is now expected to start about 2 a.m. tonight, leading to a slippery commute Tuesday. The precipitation should continue until approximately 10 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Less than 2 inches of snow may accumulate, which is consistent with earlier NWS predictions of 1 to 3 inches.

The Shelton public schools are closed on Tuesday for a two-day break for Presidents Day, which included Monday as well.

The system bringing the snow is largely staying south of New England, and will have more of an impact on Virginia, where up to a foot of snow is possible, as well as southern New Jersey, southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. It’s also bringing ice to parts of the Southwest.

More snow is possible but less certain in Shelton on Wednesday and Thursday, the NWS said.

Sub-zero nighttime temps

Meanwhile, the cold temperatures will continue, especially later in the week with a possible low of minus-5 on Friday night. Temperatures should moderate over the weekend.

Here are the NWS predicted highs and lows for Shelton:

MONDAY NIGHT:  The low should be 7 degrees tonight.

TUESDAY:  High of 21 degrees, with morning snow likely, and overnight low of 8 degrees.

WEDNESDAY:  Daytime high of 26 degrees, with a chance for snow later in the day, and nighttime low of 7 degrees.

THURSDAY:  Daytime high of 13, with a chance for snow, and overnight low of 4-below-zero.

FRIDAY:  A high of 13 degrees and a nighttime of 5-below-zero.

SATURDAY:  A daytime high of 26 degrees, with chance of snow, and an overnight low of 18 degrees.