SHELTON WEATHER: What night will be the coldest this week?

It will get close to zero on Tuesday night in Shelton, with sub-zero temperatures almost certain on Thursday night and Friday night.

Wednesday night will not be as brutally cold — but there’s a reason for that, and it’s not an uplifting one. Light snow is expected Wednesday night, providing cloud cover, which usually leads to warmer temperatures.

Temperatures will moderate for the weekend, but precipitation — ranging from snow to rain — is possible Saturday night and Sunday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Day by day temperature forecast

Here are the NWS-predicted highs and lows for the coming days in Shelton:

TONIGHT:  Expected low of 3 degrees.

WEDNESDAY:  Daytime high of 28, with partly sunny skies, then snow likely at night, with overnight low of 12 degrees. Up to a half inch of snow could fall.

THURSDAY:  Daytime high of 16 degrees and nighttime low of 4-below-zero.

FRIDAY:  Daytime high of 13 degrees and overnight low of 3-below-zero.

SATURDAY:  A high of 28 and nighttime low of 22, with snow possible at night.

SUNDAY:  Daytime high of 37, with a mix of snow, freezing rain, and rain likely.