SHS club keeps city believin' with YouTube video

SHELTON — Shelton High’s award-winning drama club cannot take to a stage, but that is not stopping its members from bringing art to the community.

The 49-member club, along with its three directors and club adviser Joe Sedlock, were all part of a performance of Journey’s classic Don’t Stop Believin’ that is making the rounds on YouTube.

“The message is so universal with what these kids are dealing with right now,” said Katherine Sedlock, a Perry Hill School paraprofessional and regular director of drama club performances.

“This was a chance to make the kids have some fun, and make the rest of the Shelton community smile,” added Sedlock. “This is exactly what we all needed right now.”

The Shelton High drama club was in the middle of rehearsals for its latest production, Rock of Ages: High School Edition, when Shelton schools were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

While additional calls for social distancing and no groups larger than five assembling prevents in-person rehearsals, Sedlock brought practice online for her performers through Zoom. That led her to come up with the YouTube performance.

“I decided to assign each kid a line,” said Sedlock, adding that the kids, herself and fellow directors Justin Zenchuk and Fiona Bryson, and her father and club adviser, Joe Sedlock, sent her video which she then spliced into a creation that has been viewed more than 3,000 times already.

Sedlock said the song Don’t Stop Believin’ was to close the performance, and its message is one that all people, in Shelton and worldwide, need in these difficult times.

“In a time where we can’t physically be together, music brings us closer,” stated Sedlock in promoting the YouTube video. “We want to remind the world we will get through COVID-19 and DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’! Here’s Shelton HS’s cast members and staff of our current production of Rock of Ages: High School Edition.”

The Rock of Ages: High School Edition cast is made up of Casey An, Maranda Balcerzak, Jasmine Baranowsky, Sierra Boccuzzi, Mackenzie Boyce, Patrick Burden, Sydney Byron, Jules Cayer, Tori Charbonneau, Danny Connolly, Alex D’Amico, Emma D’Amico, Katie Daxner, Marissa Dias, Brookie Doolan, Anthony Gabino, Kayla Gzyms, Kyla Hackett, Kyle Heiden, Max Henning, Arianna Hernandez, Julie Hoff, Josh Hunter, Bridgette Kline, Inis Kojeli, Ainsley Lougal, Madison Mackniak, Pauline Makinano, Siena Mattiolo, Bobby Marcinauskis, Megan McCarthy, Kindja Mweze, Marcel Mweze, Ericka Neves, Erieana Pappano, Mikayla Pereira, Nick Pineau, Sydney Powers, Lizzy Richmond, Aine Saranich, Marisa Savino, Hunter Smith, Ethan Stutheit, Kylee Taylor, Vic Villalobos, Tim Weinmayr, Cora Welsh, Nathan Wieler and Gianna Ziniak.