SHS coach resigns amid Facebook furor

A Shelton High School assistant football coach resigned Tuesday only hours after being suspended over concerns raised about comments the individual posted on their personal Facebook page.

School Superintendent Chris Clouet said his office became aware of the situation Tuesday morning. After viewing some of the posts, Clouet said he asked Shelton High Athletic Director John Niske to immediately suspend, pending an investigation, Mark Kovacs, whose name was released by other news outlets but not by the school district, which cited personnel privacy issues in withholding the name.

Kovacs reportedly posted a picture with a message on Facebook that contained racist and sexist slurs describing two female celebrities who are minorities.

“The individual then decided to submit his resignation,” said Clouet. “The individual is no longer part of the school district.”

Clouet said that the person was not a teacher but had been an employee of the district for several years, most recently as a Shelton High assistant football coach. With the person having resigned, the case is closed.

“There were a variety of posts on things including comments on race and racism, sex and sexism,” said Clouet.

Board of Education Chairman Mark Holden said that while he was free to make such comments, the insensitive nature made the decision to suspend, pending an investigation, the best course of action.