SIS festival puts students' creativity on display

Creativity was on display last week at Shelton Intermediate School.

From musical performances to paintings, pottery to drawings, the school put students’ artistic abilities on display for all to see and hear during the annual winter arts festival Thursday, Jan. 16.

Parents entered to see the drawings, paintings and pottery before being able to sit and enjoy the musical skills of the chorus, concert band, jazz band and strings ensemble. This is the first of two such shows a year at the intermediate school.

“It's like getting on A on a test,” said SIS Principal Dina Marks about the students’ chance to show off their artistic skills.

“This is their opportunity to show parents what they are working on. This is great for those kids who are strong in the arts … it is their ability to show what they are good at. You will see the kids are just beaming,” added Marks.

Marks also credited the efforts of the instructors — Melissa Urban with 2-D Art and Illustration, Alyssa Fernandes with 3-D Art and Design, Carole Sylvester with the choir, and Mike Sudak with the bands.

“When you listen to the quality of music put out by middle schoolers, it is amazing,” said Marks.

Marks said people walked through the school’s lobby hearing music you would think was playing on a CD, “but it is the kids playing, it is really incredible. These kids have amazing talent. They are so young, so it is important to put it on display.”

Marks said the school’s music program continues to grow, specifically the chorus, which started years ago as a club with 12 children meeting once a week. Under Sylvester’s leadership - and thanks to a strong choral program at Perry Hill School - the choral program sits at 90 students, who practice daily.

"(Sylvester) is so good to the kids,” said Marks. “She is really the heart of the program. She took 12 kids, now we have 90 kids. It’s all her. She has been great with the kids.”