Shelton Intermediate School announced its students of the month and the What You Do Matters character award winners for November.

The students of the month are, from Team Acceptance, Zahria Thompson and David Tsytko; Team Fortitude, Anayzhia Lugo and Dominic Durante; Team Resilience, Emma Santana and Andrew Kopchick; Team Compassion, Megan Renda and Matthew Robinson; Team Perseverance, Ava Kavasansky and Julian Delgado-Santiago; Team Determination, Lillya Akande and Ryan Barton; Team Integrity, Marisa Lia and Mykhaylo Kit; Team Unity, Claire Osiecki and Logan Sedlock; and Unified Arts, Kristina Bratz and Joseph Vostinak.

The What You Do Matters character awards winners were from Team Acceptance, Isabelle Matyasovszky; Team Fortitude, Hartley Ferro; Team Resilience, Matthew Ullrich; Team Compassion, Owen Telesmanick; Team Perseverance, Christopher Taylor; Team Determination, Edward Collins; Team Integrity, Thomas Zuniga; Team Unity, Madeline Judge; and Unified Arts, Anabelle Monaco-Belden and Madeline Cebrick.