Shelton Intermediate School recently honored its students of the month and character award winners for December.

The students of the month were Ella Welsh and Caden Mitchell (Team Acceptance); Hartley Ferro and Benjamin Souza (Team Fortitude); Kelly Caruso and Lucas Kellogg (Team Resilience); Elena Gasbarro and Zaid Vohra (Team Compassion); Rachel Camiglio and Cole Targowski (Team Perserverance); Elizabeth Rollinson and Jack Gloria (Team Determination); Esther Park and Matthew Sahagun (Team Integrity); Erin Doyle and Dominic DiMauro (Team Unity); and Isabelle Acervida and Andrew Moore (Unified Arts).

The “What You Do Matters” character awards went to Lauren Dreyer (Team Acceptance); Christiano Pappano (Team Fortitude); Alexander Baneat (Team Resilience); Kevin Torres (Team Compassion); Gianna Muscarella (Team Perseverance); Elijah Nastu (Team Determination); Emma D’Angelo (Team Integrity); Trinity King (Team Unity); and Kayla Kilincoglu, Paul Nguyen (Unified Arts).