Shelton Intermediate School students were honored this week for their knowledge of the Constitution.

Alex Baneat placed first, followed by Sophie Uanino, Luke Sanborn and Rachel Ravi, who were second through fourth, respectively, in the American Legion Oratorical Contest held at Shelton Intermediate School. The contest is organized by American Legion Post 16.

The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was the topic, and students were asked to compose a speech that explains what the amendment is and provide historical or current examples of the ways in which the amendment is important. Speeches were between three and five minutes long, and students were not permitted to read directly from their speech.

Awards for the contest were $100 for first place, $75 for second place, $50 for third place, and $25 for fourth place.

The 24th Amendment (Amendment XXIV) of the U.S. Constitution prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. The amendment was proposed by Congress to the states on Aug. 27, 1962, and was ratified by the states on Jan. 23, 1964.

In all, there were 14 competitors, and Advanced Placement Government and Politics students, juniors and seniors from Shelton High School, served as judges for the competition. The competition was open to all seventh and eighth graders at Shelton Intermediate School.