Scalice named new Principal of Booth Hill

 John Scalice was named the new Principal of Booth Hill Elementary School at the July 22, Board of Education meeting.

Scalice said as much as he enjoys his current job as the Supervisor of Student Development for Milford Public Schools, his passion for working directly with the students and their parents has brought him back to his roots.

He was a principal in the Bronx, New York from 2007 to 2012 and said this was  where he began to develop and recognize his passion for helping students achieve success.

He enters the upcoming school year anxious and “eager to develop relationships” with students so he can witness their growth over time. Scalice has met with a portion of his staff at Booth Hill and says he his happy knowing that the staff is on the same page as him.

“I really want to see what the school needs in order to move forward,” said Scalice. “While making sure unity is has its place in the school and everyone is valued.”

When Scalice isn’t working in the office he described himself to be quite the family man as most of his time goes to his children. He enjoys watching his nine-year-old daughter play hockey and son who is four and is just fun to be around. Other hobbies also include reading and cooking.

Entering this new school year Scalice said his main priority is letting the students, parents, and staff know “they are in it together.”