Developer Robert Scinto is proposing the construction of a new 58,550-square-foot office building on Commerce Drive.

Plans call for a modern-looking three-story structure on an almost five-acre parcel at 20 Commerce Drive. The first floor would be used for parking.

There would be 240 parking spaces, or one space for every 1.5 employees in the building. The property is between Progress and Research drives, and the driveway would be on Commerce Drive.

The applicant is R.D. Scinto Inc. of Shelton, acting through an entity called Second Treetops Inc. of Norwalk.

Public hearing date is set

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) briefly discussed the Scinto application on May 13, and a public hearing should be scheduled soon to get input on the proposal.

Scinto is seeking site plan and special exception approval. The land now is zoned for Light Industrial Park (LIP), which is consistent with Scinto’s intended use.

A special exception application involves a permitted use within a zone that would be subject to some specific conditions.

Has received Inland Wetlands approval

The Inland Wetlands Commission has already approved the project. There is 1.5 acres of wetlands-regulated land on the property.

The application includes a storm water management plan to deal with water runoff from adding non-pervious surfaces such as the building and parking lot. It also has a landscape plan.

R.D. Scinto is the largest taxpayer in Shelton due to its many commercial properties, especially office and light industrial buildings.

LIP zones

The application comes a few months after the viability of LIP zones in certain areas became an issue in the Hawks Ridge zoning case.

The Hawks Ridge developer argued LIP zones in some locations are outdated because few new light industrial or office buildings have been constructed in Shelton in recent years.

Hawks Ridge is a mixed-use development proposal that includes an assisted living facility, houses and condominiums.

The P&Z has indicated it will approve the Hawks Ridge plan, set on a 41-acre parcel behind Wells Hollow Farm that borders Route 8.