Sen. Kelly applauds cancellation of fare hikes

State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement regarding the Department of Transportation’s cancellation of bus and train fare increases and service reductions.

“For far too long the hard-working families of Connecticut have endured arbitrary and reckless spending by the Malloy administration,” saidSen. Kelly. “The cancellation of fare increases and service reductions shows what can happen when fiscally conservative values are brought to the negotiating table and new policies are considered. The cancellation of these fare hikes and services reductions is a direct result of the bipartisan budget passed in the legislature last week – a budget that I was happy to support. This is good news for the hard-working families of Connecticut who won’t have to fork over more money to the state just to get to work and provide for their families.”

With a pending Special Transportation Fund (STF) shortfall, the governor called for a 10 percent fare increase for rail commuters, a 14 percent fare increase for bus riders, and service reductions on several rail lines and transit districts. The bipartisan budget passed by the General Assembly stabilized the STF by adopting the Republican “Prioritize Progress” transportation plan which allowed the cancellation of these increases and service reductions.