Sen. Kelly urges Congress to support special needs Trust Fairness Act

State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) is urging Congress to pass the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act. Earlier this year, Connecticut passed legislation to adopt the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act as soon as it is passed on the federal level in Congress. Sen. Kelly cosponsored the Connecticut legislation and recently wrote to the Connecticut Congressional delegation and Speaker Paul Ryan to urge them to support the federal legislation. On July 13, the full Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act, moving it to the House where it is now awaiting a vote.

"This bill is about fairness. It also will save time and money. It’s about making sure that special needs individuals get the care they need and are able to protect their assets," wrote Sen. Kelly. "This legislation is well crafted, smart policy that deserves bipartisan support in the House as soon as possible. In Connecticut, the state legislature worked together to pass bipartisan legislation to adopt the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act in Connecticut upon its passage in Congress. With the Act clearing another hurdle [in July], I urge you to support its continued advancement through Congress."

Sen. Kelly also explained the legislation in his letter: "As you are aware, federal law allows disabled individuals to establish a trust to protect their assets from being counted toward supplemental security income and Medicaid qualification, but only if that trust is established by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian, or court. Currently special needs individuals are not allowed to establish the trust themselves. The SNT Fairness Act would empower and allow special needs individuals to set up a trust in their own name in order to protect their personal assets and qualify for supplemental security income and Medicaid services that they need. It would remove the requirement that these individuals go to a probate court to have a trust set up in their name which is a time consuming and costly process that involves unnecessary legal fees and court fees."

"I was proud to cosponsor legislation in Connecticut in support of this bill and I thank lawmakers in Washington for all their hard work to turn this proposal into a reality," wrote Kelly.