Sharon Scanlon to judge: 'I'm truly remorseful'

In her statement before being sentenced, former city Assistant Finance Director Sharon Scanlon said she wants to try to make amends for her actions.

“I’m truly remorseful,” said Scanlon, trying to hold back tears, who was charged with stealing $914,000 in municipal funds from the city of Shelton over a 10-year period.

She was sentenced Jan. 30 to four-and-a-half years in prison, followed by five years of probation. She had pleaded guilty to one count of both first-degree forgery and first-degree larceny.

Scanlon said she wanted to apologize to her former City Hall co-workers and all Shelton residents for her illegal actions.

Echoing comments made earlier by her attorney, William Dow III, Scanlon said she had been unable to reach out for outside assistance to deal with issues in her life.

This included the need to financially support her family, with two children and a husband who faced some physical challenges.

In the end, Scanlon said, her actions created “pain and burden” that her family “had to endure.”

To her husband, she said, “I have besmirched his family’s name.”

Already living ‘in home confinement’

Scanlon, 49, said for the past year and a half, since having to leave her job due to accusations of theft, she has essentially “been in home confinement,” only leaving her Shelton home to buy groceries and transport family members.

“Most of my friends have abandoned me,” she said.

Scanlon said she accepts that she must go to prison, but asked the judge for as short a sentence as possible so she can get out to rebuild her life and reputation, make a living and pay restitution, and once again be there for her family.

She said her family was emotionally supportive of her when she battled breast cancer a few years ago, and now, “I want to be there for them.”

Family members in court

Scanlon is married with two children. Due to the criminal case, her attorney, William Dow III, said Scanlon and her husband — who have been together for 32 years — now are having "substantial" issues in their relationship.

About a half-dozen family members were in court today as a sign of support for her. After Scanlon was sentenced and taken away by judicial marshals to go to prison, some family members left the courtroom in tears.

Scanlon said she is living modestly these days, and accepts that will be the case in the future. “I will stay on that path,” she told the judge.