Shelton Assessor’s Office mails out declaration forms

The Shelton Assessor’s Office has mailed business personal property declarations for the Oct. 1, 2013 grand list to all known businesses or commercial and industrial operations in the city.

In accordance with Connecticut statutes, all owners and lessees of tangible personal property utilized for business purposes are to file a list of such property annually with the assessor. All forms are to be filled out and returned on or before Friday, Nov. 1.

Penalties applied for being late or not filing

When the forms are not filed within the time limit, a 25% penalty is applied against the assessed value. Failure to file the forms also constitutes a 25% penalty based on best information available.

If one is operating a business or profession in the city and has not received the mailing, contact the Assessor’s Office for the declaration. Failure to receive a form does not excuse the taxpayer from the tax obligation.

For more information call the Assessor’s Office at 203-924-1555, ext. 352.