Shelton BOE receives facilities updates

Work continues at a steady pace at both Sunnyside and Elizabeth Shelton schools.
Facilities Supervisor John Calhoun told Board of Education members last week that work on the last set of classroom windows at Elizabeth Shelton School is wrapping up, and the contractor will move on to the gymnasium and rest rooms next.
Calhoun said that the contractors is averaging a room every two days during the windows project. Once the windows are all replaced, Calhoun said the contractor will go back and install new screens and shades in each of the classrooms.
Regarding Sunnyside School, the brickwork has been sealed, and the windows on the gymnasium have been re-caulked. Calhoun said the district is looking at proposals to either re-seal or panel the gymnasium wall that is directly adjacent to the main corridor roof.
On the Sunnyside School roof, Calhoun said facilities personnel have met with the design architect to discuss the roof problems and determine the cause of the recurring roof leaks.
“We should have some answers this month to determine what the next step is to get the leaks resolved,” stated Calhoun in his project report dated May 15.
In other business, the Board of Education was given the following updates:
• Facility officials are continuing to work with the roofing contractor to do district-wide assessments of the roofing needs, including warranty work, repairs, preventative maintenance and planning for total replacement;
• The lighting retrofits in the gymnasium are complete and the boiler/piping insulation is under way at Shelton High School;
• Work is continuing with security and building administration to make sure all doors, windows and other access ways are working as designed for emergency preparedness;
• Upgrades on cameras in the high school — in areas that previously lacked the proper coverage — are presently being finalized; and
• School officials continue working with a radon remediation company to evaluate some elevated test results at Shelton Intermediate School to see what measures need to be put in place in those specific areas. Officials will also continue to monitor the air quality issues at Shelton High School as well.