Shelton Board of Aldermen Ward 2 candidate: Michele Bialek

Michele Bialek

Michele Bialek

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Party: Democrat

Are you an incumbent? (if yes, how many years in office): No

Current job: Customer Service at Atlantic Aviation

Volunteering background, if any: Co-creator of Mary A Schmecker Turtle Shell Fund Scholarship and Soupstock Music and Arts Festival

Education: Certified massage therapist

What prompted you to run for office? I have a passion for Shelton. I am third generation and feel a deep responsibility to be a part of solutions, not part of the problems. I believe that we have not yet realized our full and rich potential and that it may be too late if we don't act now to correct our course.

What are the major issues/changes you are focused on if elected? I feel strongly that we are not developing well. It is haphazard and wasteful. We could do much better with a cohesive growth plan, community and business involvement and cultural enrichment.

How can you make any proposed improvements yet keep taxes at the stable level they are at present? We would tap into the unutilized potential for agricultural and historical tourism. The more life and color we have to offer, the more money people will spend while they are here and will want to keep coming back. We will also have more offerings for the citizens of Shelton to stay in town for dining and activities, which they now find elsewhere.

Thoughts on BOE spending, city-run bus company? Do you agree with the spending levels set forth in the past for the BOE? I believe that the course of events in the past regarding the proposed BOE budget vs the Mayor's ultimate budget allowance have predicated the need to offer competitive salaries for educators. The current BOA and the Mayor are spending less and less money on education (percentage-based) and refuse to admit that the cost of educating our children, especially and increasingly those with special needs, has risen exponentially per student. and is running a bus company (and the costs associated) worth it to the city? I am in disbelief that the main pro that the current administration keeps touting is the "cost savings" of a city-run bus company. This is not only invalid, but they keep forgetting that the sole purpose for a transportation system is for the transport of the children of Shelton. These are our kids. The main concern should be their safety and well-being. Not how cheaply we can get it done.