Shelton Board of Aldermen Ward 3 candidate: Michael R. Duncan

Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan

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Party: Democratic Party

Are you an incumbent? No

Current job: Senior Manager, Edgewell Personal Care; Regional Leader, Primerica Financial Service; Real Estate, Investor

Volunteering background, if any: Board of Directors, CT United Way (2021 - Current); Connecticut Cancer Foundation (2020 - Current); Board of Directors, Boys & Girls Club of Lower Naugatuck Valley (2018 - current); Shelton High School Advisory Board (2019 - current); FUEL Advisory Board, Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce (2019-2020); Exchange Club of Shelton (2018-2019); Board of Directors, Rutgers University Alumni Association (2015-2018); Valley United Way (2017-2020).

Education: Saint Mary’s College of California, Executive Master of Business Administration, May 2014; Rutgers University-Rutgers Business School, Bachelor of Science - Finance, May 2008; Lackawanna College, Associates Degree, Business Science, May 2005; Bucknell University (2001 - 2003), civil engineering.

Previous offices held: Commissioner, City of Shelton, Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA)

What prompted you to run for office?

a. I have lived in Shelton for six years and serving the people of Shelton is what prompted me to run for office! I have a track record of giving back and helping the local communities as a commissioner of the Water Pollution Commission Authority (WPCA), volunteering and serving on the Board of Directors for several non-profits. It would be my honor to serve the people of Shelton and provide them with a better quality of life.

What sets me apart from the group is my ability to build relationships, and get the job done while considering all variables and outcomes.

What are the major issues/changes you are focused on if elected?

a. Bringing the people of Shelton together to talk and compromise. Like the nation, the city of Shelton is divided. We need to remember that we are all in this together and we all want the same things.

b. Keep Taxes Low. Everyone in Shelton wants to keep taxes low to ensure we can sustain and maintain a proper quality of life for all including our seniors.

c. Properly funding our schools. Our schools are not properly funded, and properly funding our schools will ensure that we have the proper resources to educate and develop our children.

d. Downtown Revitalization. The majority of Shelton residents are concerned about the development, parking and traffic. We need to listen to the people of Shelton and ensure we keep Shelton, Shelton.

How can you make any proposed improvements yet keep taxes at the stable level they are at present?

a. Improvements to the city of Shelton can take place while keeping taxes low by applying and lobbying for both state/federal grants that are available to the people of Shelton. Working together, at all levels of government and regardless of party lines, to bring home tax dollars that have already been paid. Also, finding efficiencies within the current budget, as the Board of Appropriations & Taxation has identified line items that have opportunities in spending. The hard-working people of Shelton deserve and need more funding.

Thoughts on BOE spending, city-run bus company? Do you agree with the spending levels set forth in the past for the BOE, and is running a bus company (and the costs associated) worth it to the city?

a. The current BOE budget and city-run bus company needs further evaluation. The current city-run bus company has a lot of complaints and child safety issues. I believe they can be resolved but removing the city-run bus company during the school year could cause more issues. A full review and evaluation of funding, processes, and complaints with a priority of child safety should take place immediately.