Shelton Board of Education candidate: David Gioiello

David Gioiello

David Gioiello

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David Gioiello


Board of Education



Incumbent: Yes

Current job: IHSC, LLC

Education: St. John; University of Detroit, B.S., physics; Wayne State University, environmental amd occupational health.

The most important issue in this election: I want to work to improve the test scores of Shelton students. I want to continue to work to use our funds more effectively.

Other issues: The BOE and the BOA must learn to work together, be honest with each other and put the needs of the students first.

Family: Married for 40 years and I have two grown children. My daughter lives in Milford and my son lives in D.C. Both of my children have advanced degrees. My daughter is part owner of our family consulting firm and my son works for DOD. My wife and I have been active locally since we moved to Shelton in 1981. We are both active in the local Democratic party. We have been active in scouts when our children were young as well as the church we attended.

Previous elected offices, community group affiliations: No other elected offices. I was treasurer of Highland Golf Club as well as an officer in several national professional organizations.

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