Shelton Board of Education candidate: Kate Kutash

Kate Kutash



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Kate Kutash


Board of Education


Incumbent: Yes

Current job: I have been a teacher in Stratford at the elementary level for 43 years.

Education: Stratford High School; B.S. in elementary education from Western Connecticut State College; M.S. in reading and sixth-year degree as elementary classroom specialist from Southern Connecticut State College.

The most important issue in this election: I will continue to work to insure that the students in the city of Shelton have the funding and therefore the supplies, technology and staffing they need to receive a quality education. I have a particular interest in funding for the arts, especially seeing our music programs grow.

Other issues: Much has been said about relationships in our city. There are too many political issues. The mudslinging, dishonesty, and personal agendas have to stop so we support each other positively and can move forward together for a better city.

Family: My husband, Steve, is a Shelton native. We have lived in Shelton as a family for 23 years. We have two adult daughters, Kelly and Sarah, who are products of the Shelton public schools.

Previous elected offices, community group affiliations: I am past president of ESS PTA and Shelton PTA Council. I was also an officer of the PTA/PTOs at SIS and SHS. I was an active band parent for the Shelton High Marching Gaels, running the “Home Show” band competition for several years. I am active in Stratford, where I teach in organizations supporting education and my own school community.

Campaign website: Facebook: Reelect Kate Kutash for BOE 2019.