Shelton Community Center pool should reopen Wednesday

The Shelton Community Center swimming pool is expected to reopen to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

The indoor pool has been closed for a month so the pool area could be sandblasted, primed and painted. The work was completed late last week but then the pool had to be refilled and the water heated.

The steel beams that hold up the roof were rusting and peeling from humidity, said Ronald Herrick, Shelton parks and recreation director. The pool was drained and scaffolding set up to complete the work.

“It was a big job,” Herrick said of the $246,000 project.

Previously, a new humidifier system was installed and the roof shingles were replaced due to previous problems with humidity.

August was picked to complete the work because that’s when pool use is down due to summer vacations, the school break, and the availability of outdoor pools. The indoor pool had closed to the public Aug. 2.

Herrick said it’s uncertain if the pool will reach the desired temperature of 87 degrees before opening Wednesday early morning, but it should be close.

‘It’s much brighter’

“Everyone understands it has to be done,” Herrick of the project. “I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the result. It’s much brighter. We’re very happy with how the job was done.”

The renovation work was completed by MacKenzie Painting and Coating Specialists.

The swimming pool is open to Shelton Community Center pool members, who pay annual or day use fees. It also is used extensively by the Shelton High School swim team and a youth swim team, the Shelton/Monroe Rapids.

The pool first opened in the Shelton Community  Center 22 years ago this month, and this is the first time the pool area has been repainted.

John P. Papa, Parks and Recreation Commission chairman, said similar work is usually done on indoor swimming pools every few decades due to the effect of the chlorine in a pool.

The Shelton Community Center building, which includes the Huntington Branch Library and Huntington post office, previously was a public school. Huntington School was closed about 30 years ago.