Shelton Democrats nominate Heller for 113th district

Last week, Shelton  Democrats unanimously nominated Adam Heller to be the Democratic Nominee for State Representative for the House of Representatives 113th District.
Heller is currently a member of the City of Shelton’s Board of Apportionment and Taxation. He has brought his experience with municipal budgeting and accounting to this role. Heller has advocated for a more transparent budget process, greater efficiency in the budget which would save taxpayer dollars and better sound financial management now and in the future.

Heller is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with degrees in Finance and Economics.  His professional career is rooted in financial management, and he currently operates a departmental budget of $3 million dollars in a large municipality in Connecticut.

“In this challenging economic time, I am running for State Representative to bring my financial and management background to the Connecticut House of Representatives on behalf of Shelton residents,” Heller said.

Shelton Democrats Chair David Gioiello commented, “Adam Heller is committed to his family, his community, and would be an asset to the Connecticut House of Representatives on behalf of the City of Shelton. Shelton Democrats are proud to support him.”

The 113th District represents solely Shelton, and incumbent Representative Jason Perillo is currently being challenged for the seat by a member his own Party. Planning & Zoning Chair Ruth Parkins and Rep. Jason Perillo will have a Republican Primary in August.