Shelton FD: Oil truck hits home, driver in serious condition

SHELTON — The driver of an oil delivery truck was injured after his vehicle drove into a home on Sheehy Lane Wednesday, officials said.

Deputy Fire Chief Paul Wilson said firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle hitting the home about 11:15 a.m. Those responding found an oil delivery truck was found in “extremely close proximity to the front of the home,” according to Wilson.

“The operator was still inside the truck and was unresponsive,” Wilson said. “The patient was transported to a local hospital in serious condition.”

He said firefighters acted quickly to remove the operator and began patient care until Echo Hose Ambulance arrived. Once the ambulance arrived, patient care was transferred to EMS.

Firefighters secured the truck and checked for any fluid, and no additional hazards were found to the house or truck, Wilson said, adding that the home is habitable and sustained minor cosmetic damage.

Shelton Police and State Police truck squad are conducting the investigation.